I’d love everyone to wind up at the end of the day and form a habit of drawing daily, so what better way start than a 30-Day Challenge? I put together a list of 30 things, feelings and moods that I think would make good drawings, and even left an empty page for each one of the days so you don’t need to use an extra sketchbook. I’d love to see your drawings, so make sure to use the hashtag #PaperClubCollection on Instagram. I’d love to share your work with the world. Let’s get drawing! 

Not a January, lovie-dovie, goal-setter, new year’s resolution person? No problem, we don’t all need to be that way! The planner is open-dated, so you can start writing in it whenever you want  - Helloooo! It’s May and I’m launching a planner!

 Also set your goals at the beginning of every month, and then come back to check everything you didn’t accomplish! 

Period. Menstruation. That time of the month. Oh, it happens every month and it just never seems to get easier! So here’s a little tracker, so you’re always on top of things and know exactly why you’ve been that extra bit annoyed. Fun!

Your favourite Planet Prudence illustrations in full size and as monthly separators. Say you want to get rid of the planner after it’s done (please don’t do it, it’s a work of art!), you can always re-use these illustrations and frame them! 

So you can make lists about whatever the hell you want! Like favourite pizza toppings. 

And The Planet Prudence Planner also comes with the cutest sticker sheet, filled with tiny pizza stickers (everyone’s favourite food, it pretty much deserves its own food group, no?!). 

If bullet journaling is more your thing, I’ve got you covered with this pretty pink journal. The illustration on the cover is also exclusive to this Paper Club line, so you won’t find it anywhere else. Looove!

Because extraordinary stationery demands extraordinary quality, this planner is made using the best quality we have to offer. The crisp, white pages are printed on 120 g/m² MunkenLynx paper which gives the best clarity and durability of all of our paper ranges. The 192 beautiful pages that make up this planner are bound using high-resistance thread stitching and its durable hard cover will last through the whole adventure that is life! 

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